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 We are committed to providing a fun, safe and invigorating walking experience for your pup.

We walk dogs in groups of up to six (occasionally seven when Ciaran’s dog, Hup, joins). We will pick up your dog from your home in a well-ventilated van with specially fitted dog crates and drive them to a local park or other nearby outdoor trail.

We will always choose a location where your dog can get plenty of space to stretch their legs on real grass and take in all the scents around them.

For the safety and security of your dog, they will be kept on a lead to and from the van. Dogs who do not have good recall will be put on a long lead during the walk. If your dog has good recall, they may be walked off lead; however, if you prefer your dog off lead, you must accept any liability for loss of your dog if they run away.

Our typical group walks last for one hour and take place in either the late morning (between 10am and 12pm) or early afternoon (between 1pm and 3pm). Group walks are available any day from Monday to Friday, and we will agree a schedule that works for you. 

We will send you an update about each walk once we have dropped your dog back off at your property, tired out from all the fun. We will ensure your dog is towel-dried and clean before dropping them off.

Walking suitability

Our group walks are suitable for dogs who are healthy, friendly, approachable, and able to interact with other dogs and people without displaying aggression. 

You must tell us if your dog has a history of aggression or develops behavioural changes. We will assess how your dog behaves on their first walk and continue to monitor their behaviour going forward. If we notice signs of aggression or other behavioural factors that make them unsuitable for group walks, we reserve the right to cancel any future walks with your dog and may drop your dog off at your property early. In the event of cancelled walks or early drop off, we will communicate this to you through your preferred contact method. 

Other reasons we may refuse to walk your dog or cancel future walks:

  • Your dog has a health issue that would prevent them from walking without pain or discomfort or which could affect other dogs on the walk.
  • Your dog does not travel well in the van (for example, extreme car sickness or stress). 
  • Your dog does not enjoy being in a group of dogs and displays signs of stress or discomfort. 


  • Your dog must be at least six months old to go on a dog walk. We want to make sure your dog is confident enough to go on a group walk without being over-stimulated. 
  • Male dogs over the age of 12 months must be neutered. Dogs who have not been neutered can display unwanted behaviours including dominance or aggression.
  • Female dogs are preferred to be spayed or not in season for walks. Although we will always attempt to prevent unwanted interactions, we will not be held liable for unwanted pregnancies. 
  • Your dog must have received the following vaccinations:
    • Annual vaccination (distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis) 
    • Canine parainfluenza
    • Andenovirus 1 and 2
    • Kennel cough
  • Your dog must be treated against parasites such as fleas and worms.

What you need to supply

  • Collar or harness which can be attached with a lead

We will supply the following for our walks:

  • Leads 
  • No-spill water bowls for your dog to drink in the van
  • Environmentally friendly fouling bags which we will dispose of in appropriate public bins
  • Treats to reward good behaviour (you can supply your own if you prefer)


As standard, we will send you a message (by text or Whatsapp) when we drop off your dog back at your property. Typically, we will include a photo of your dog on their walk with the message. 

If you prefer a different form of communication or at different intervals, please discuss this with us. 

Social media and photo sharing

Your dog is a part of our walking pack, and we would love to show them off on our website and social media channels through photos or videos. We will never include your personal information with such posts, only your dog’s name. 

If you would prefer your dog to not be featured online, please let us know. 


Payments for dog walks are due before or on the day we walk your dog (or on the first day of a four-week block booking). 

The following payment options are available:

  • Cash (can leave cash ready for pick up when we collect your dog)
  • Online bank transfer (bank details are provided in the welcome pack)

Please let us know in advance which payment method you will use. Until we have been paid, we will not walk the dog. We will notify you of any cancelled dog walks due to payment failure. 

Cancellations and refunds

For single group walks:

  • Cancellations more than 24 hours in advance: no charge (or full refund)
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours notice: payment is charged in full. 

For four-week block bookings:

If you cancel part-way through your blocked time period, you will be charged the full (non-discount) price for the days your dog has already been walked. The remaining days will be refunded as long as you have notified us of the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. Single-day cancellations during your block booking will not be refunded.


If you halt walks for longer than two weeks (for example, for summer holidays), you will be charged a retainer fee to keep your dog’s slot on the group walk. 


Please review the following policies to understand how we operate. 

Transportation policy

As part of our service, we collect your dog from your home and drop them off at the end of their walk. We will always take appropriate dog transportation safety measures, including:

  • secure transportation in an insured and ventilated vehicle
  • no-splash water containers to make sure your dog is hydrated during transportation
  • restraint during travel using a size-appropriate crate
  • a secure number of dogs for the vehicle capacity
  • transfer to and from the vehicle using a lead to minimise risk of escape. 

Van travel is an important part of our walking service. We plan our driving route in advance to minimise travel time for your dog. We will always try to accommodate the needs of your dog by providing enough space and offering treats and reassurance. However, we may ask to terminate walking services for dogs who are unable to travel safely. 

Before dropping your dog back off at home, we will always make sure they are rinsed and towel dried if dirty and that they are happy and tired out. 

Key policy

Our walker, Ciaran Collen, is PVG checked so that you know your keys are in safe hands. We will collect one set of house keys when you book a walk with us (a key safe or similar is also fine). Your key will only be marked by your pet’s name so that it cannot be tracked back to your property. 

Upon termination of our services, or if you would like to have your keys returned, Ciaran will personally deliver your keys at an agreed time at no extra charge. 

Injury and illness

Your dog needs to be fit and healthy to enjoy our walks. If your dog is showing any signs of illness or infections, we unfortunately will not be able to take your dog on that particular day. If your dog displays any of the following signs or has any suspected illness, we must be notified as soon as possible:

  • coughing
  • skin infections
  • parasite infections
  • sickness 
  • diarrhoea
  • mucous discharge from eyes, ears, nose or genitalia. 

Similarly, we ask you not to send your dog on a walk if they have sustained an injury (for example, a limp or cracked paw pads) which could be made worse by physical activity. 

Upon pick up, your dog will be health checked by our walker; if an illness or injury are identified, we will be in contact with you and will have to cancel your dog’s walk. Unless notified at least 24 hours ahead of time of your dog’s injury or illness, you will still be charged for your walking service. 

During a walk, minor scratches or injuries can occur, although these injuries are rare. In the event of a minor injury, your dog will be checked over and provided first aid if necessary, and you (or your emergency contact) will be notified immediately. If we believe the injury requires veterinarian attention, we will stop the walk and take them to your registered veterinary practice. 

If an incident takes place where we deem that your dog needs immediate veterinary attention, we will take them to the nearest veterinary hospital and notify you (or your emergency contact) immediately. 

You will be responsible for any payment of veterinary fees. 

Although we maintain high standards of safety and wellbeing, Dog Walks Dundee cannot be liable in the event of loss, injury or death whilst in our care. 


In the event we have to cancel a walk

There may be times where unexpected circumstances mean we cannot walk your dog (for instance, personal injury or illness). We understand and appreciate that you rely on our regular service during your busy routines, and we will only cancel a walk as a last resort. We will always try to communicate any cancellations on our part with you as far in advance as possible. We will refund any pre-paid walks cancelled on our part in full.

Extreme weather  

We are able to walk dogs in almost all weather conditions and during all seasons. However, we will cancel a walk if we deem the weather is a risk to the safety of our dogs or our walker.

In the event of hazardous weather, we will make our decision with consideration of the extremity of the weather and closures of other places of work. We will also take into consideration police recommendations. 

We will inform you of our decision to cancel a walk due to extreme weather by 8am on the morning we cancel. We will always try to provide pre-warning as soon as possible to prevent any inconvenience.

We will refund any walks cancelled due to extreme weather.