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We are committed to providing the best care for your pet while you are away. 

We will visit your pet for either 15 or 30 minutes depending on the service you book. Pet sitting visits are available any day of the week. We will agree the time, frequency and duration with you during the meet and greet appointment. 

During each visit, we will:

  • lay down food and water
  • check your pet’s overall health (and notify you if we have any concerns)
  • lead them outside for a potty break (depending on the pet)
  • clean up any accidents or messes caused by your pet
  • administer oral or topical medication if required (we are unable to provide injection medication)
  • provide other services that are discussed and agreed during the meet and greet.

For 30-minute visits, we will also spend some time playing with your pet or providing other forms of attention (such as brushing or talking). This will depend largely on the nature and needs of your pet. 

We will send you updates via your preferred contact method about each visit, including photos of your pet.

Pet sitting suitability

We cater for a wide range of pets and will always do our best to accommodate their needs. However, for the safety of our pet sitter, pets must be able to interact with people without displaying aggression (unless they are in a protected area, such as a cage or tank). 

You must tell us if your pet has a history of aggression or develops behavioural changes. We will assess how your pet behaves during the initial meet and greet and continue to monitor their behaviour going forward. If we notice signs of aggression or other behavioural factors that make them unsuitable for pet sitting, we reserve the right to cancel any future visits with your pet. In the event of cancelled visits, we will communicate this to you through your preferred contact method. 


We provide pet sitting services for a wide variety of animals, including reptiles, fish, rodents, birds, cats and dogs among others. We are unable to provide pet sitting services for the following types of animals:

  • livestock (such as horses, cows, pigs; we can provide visits for small flocks of chickens, however)
  • exotic or illegal animals

What you need to supply

  • food to cover the number of agreed visits
  • feeding and drinking containers (such as a dog bowl)
  • medications to cover the number of agreed visits (if required)
  • carrier crate suitable for your pet (in case of emergency)
  • instructions (preferably written) for feeding, medication, or other information our sitter will need to know
  • cleaning products suitable for cleaning messes made by your pet
  • toys or other required equipment you want our sitter to use 
  • For dogs only: collar or harness which can be attached with a lead

We will supply the following for dogs:

  • leads to take them outside for a potty break
  • environmentally friendly fouling bags which we will dispose of in appropriate public bins


As standard, we will send you a message (by text or Whatsapp) with a photo or video of your pet during each visit. 

If you prefer a different form of communication or at different intervals, please discuss this with us. 

Social media and photo sharing

We think your pet is super cool, and we would love to show them off on our website and social media channels through photos or videos. We will never include your personal information with such posts, only your pet’s name. 

If you would prefer your pet to not be featured online, please let us know.


Payments for pet sitting are due before or on the day we visit your property. 

The following payment options are available:

  • Cash (can leave cash ready for pick up when we visit)
  • Online bank transfer (bank details are provided in the welcome pack)

Please let us know in advance which payment method you will use. If we are not paid in advance or left a cash payment, we will have to cancel any pet sitting visits. We will notify you of any cancelled pet sitting due to payment failure.

Cancellations and refunds

  • Cancellations more than 24 hours in advance: no charge (or full refund)
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours notice: payment is charged in full.


Please review the following policies to understand how we operate. 

Key policy

Our pet sitter, Ciaran Collen, is PVG checked so that you know your keys are in safe hands. We will collect one set of house keys when you book pet sitting visits with us (a key safe is also fine). Your key will only be marked by your pet’s name so that it cannot be tracked back to your property. 

Upon termination of our services, or if you would like to have your keys returned, Ciaran will personally deliver your keys at an agreed time at no extra charge. 

Injury and illness

At each visit, we will check your pet’s health. If an illness or injury are identified, we will contact you (or your emergency contact) immediately. 

If we deem that your pet needs immediate veterinary attention, we will take them to the nearest veterinary hospital and notify you (or your emergency contact) immediately. We will transport your pet in our well-ventilated van and will do our best to make sure your pet is as safe as possible during transport; however, we cannot guarantee safety for pets who are not provided with their own carriers. 

For minor injuries, our trained pet sitter will administer first aid. We will get in touch with you (or your emergency contact) to explain the situation and ask how you wish us to proceed (for instance, taking your pet to your veterinarian). 

You will be responsible for any payment of veterinary fees. 

Although we maintain high standards of safety and wellbeing, Dog Walks Dundee cannot be liable in the event of loss, injury or death whilst in our care.


In the event we have to cancel a visit

There may be times where unexpected circumstances mean we cannot visit your pet (for instance, personal injury or illness). We understand and appreciate that you rely on our regular service during your busy routines, and we will only cancel a visit as a last resort. We will always try to communicate any cancellations on our part with you as far in advance as possible. We will refund any pre-paid visits cancelled on our part in full.

Extreme weather  

We may need to cancel a visit if we deem the weather is a risk to the safety of our pet sitter. We understand your pets rely on us and would only cancel a visit as a last resort.

In the event of hazardous weather, we will make our decision with consideration of the extremity of the weather and police recommendations. 

We will inform you of our decision to cancel a visit due to extreme weather by 8am on the morning we cancel. We will always try to provide pre-warning as soon as possible to prevent any inconvenience.