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We offer basic training sessions to help your dog learn new skills or brush up on already learned skills. These sessions last for one hour and are great for dogs at any level or age.

Ciaran kneeling next to Cooper, a Bernese mountain mix in Baxter park

Ciaran can teach your dog the following commands or skills (among others):

  • Recall
  • Stay
  • Leave it
  • Fetch
  • Drop
  • Heel

Ciaran will work with you to tailor these sessions for your dog’s needs. You are invited to attend these sessions if you would like to learn the techniques Ciaran uses to train your dog. Alternatively, Ciaran will spend the hour working one-on-one to hone your dog’s skills and provide you with training practices to try at home.

We recommend booking a free meet and greet with Ciaran to go over your training goals.


£20 per hour session