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We offer training sessions to help your dog improve their behaviour and master new skills. These sessions last for one hour and are great for dogs at any level or age.

The first two training sessions are free, with no obligation to continue!

Ciaran has a ‘Career as a Dog Trainer’ certificate through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) as well as over four years’ experience working with all types of dogs in different environments.

Ciaran kneeling next to Cooper, a Bernese mountain mix in Baxter park

Even the best dogs need a little help from time to time. It could be your dog pulls too hard on their lead, jumps up on you or your guests, or is reactive around other dogs. Whatever their needs, Ciaran will work with you and your dog to come up with a plan for managing unwanted behaviours.

In the first free training session, Ciaran will evaluate your dog one-on-one to see how they behave in different environments. In the second free training session, Ciaran will teach you effective methods for weeding out bad habits and introducing positive new behaviours.

If you’d like further help to master new techniques, you can book additional training sessions with us at a cost.

We recommend booking a free meet and greet with Ciaran to go over your training goals in the first instance.


£25 per hour session (the first two training sessions are free, with no obligation to continue)